your morning coffee on "dayuse"

Every day you can enjoy a complete breakfast meal, completely free of charge, while enjoying the coffee of your choice, accompanied by sweet and savory donuts, cakes or croissants.

Get drunk by Love

Choosing one of our hotel's suites for you stay, we offer for your choice and at no extra cost, a bottle of champagne, wine or two drinks between whiskeys and vodkas and with them, a full range of snacks, for you and your partner.

Love is going through the stomach!!

With every order you make from the bar and because love goes through the stomach, we always take care of it, thats why we offer, without any burden, a full range of snacks that will satisfy all your appetite.

Luxurious overnight with luxurious breakfast!!

After a luxurious overnight stay at Xcite Hotels, it perfectly suits a luxurious and full breakfast, with coffee of your choice, fruit juice, cakes, toasts, eggs, croissants and many other delicious snacks.

Our Sundays are!!

Every Sunday after 16:00, choosing a room of over 20€ for your dayuse, you and your partner can enjoy a wonderful, fresh fruit salad or fresh ice cream, totally free!!