About us

"Xcite Hotels", this top hotels group of luxury dayuse and overnight accomodation in Greece, is the ultimate destination for unforgettable romantic getaways. We provide the most idyllic rooms, which exude the air of eclectic elegance and aesthetics, as they are a perfect retreat for unforgettable moments of passion and relaxation.

The cleanliness, the rare service, the complete privacy and the friendly environment are just some of the features that every visitor can easily distinguish while visiting one of these two unique boutique hotels in the southern and nothern suburbs of Athens, with the affordable charges.

In our hotels you have the opportunity to choose between modern or luxury rooms, as well as suites with or without jacuzzi.

All of our rooms are different with each other in decoration and atmosphere, offering each time a unique and unforgettable dayuse or overnight accomodation, even for the most demanding customer.

In the south suburbs, at the area of Argiroupolis, you may visit the first in its foundation hotel "Xcite", Hotel Salem. It is located besides the road of Vouliagmenis Avenue, in the crossroad with Alimou Avenue, next to the "Olympic Airways" sign. The address is Marinou Geroulanou 1 (next to "Plaisio" store of Alimou) and phone number is 2109944288-9.

Our newest member, the "diamond" of the nothern suburbs, is also the famous "Hotel Lida" in Nea Erithrea. This boutique hotel, which has been totally refurbished and redecorated, is located in a very central spot, Tatoiou Avenue 103 in the area of Nea Erithrea-Kifisia, near to the well known bakery "Veneti". Phone numbers are 2106255590-1.

Thank you for choosing us for your most special moments and we promise that we always maintain the highest standards of quality and hospitality, which characterize the brand "Xcite".

We are waiting for you....